Why Play for the D.C. Divas?

Reason #8: Outstanding Gameday Coverage

The D.C. Divas have a reputation for providing some of the best gameday coverage in all of women’s football. We Twitter-cast all of our games; from kickoff to the final gun, we report on score updates, possession changes, and other major plays going in on the game, live, as they happen. Your friends and family can follow the game live on our social media accounts and cheer for you and your team online, so they’re always in the loop about how your game is going.

For home games, we also provide a free live audio stream where fans can tune in and listen to the games. Our team radio broadcaster and color analyst call the action over internet radio, and fans everywhere can listen to the audio broadcast of the game for free, live, as it happens. Many of our games in the past have been available for viewing via a live video stream as well. We provide fans with several different ways of tracking the progress of Divas games and their favorite players, no matter where they are across the country!

The D.C. Divas have anywhere from three to five photographers at every single game, home and away, capturing the action with outstanding photography. After the contest, hundreds of photos are accessible online, and every member of the Divas is sure to have her moment in front of the camera. On top of that, the Divas have two people shooting video film of the contest at all times, with many of the game’s video highlights uploaded to the D.C. Divas’ official YouTube channel afterwards.

Just hours after the game, our team staff writer posts a complete, extensive game recap to the Divas’ website and social media outlets. The game recap gives you a detailed description of the key moments and players from the contest, just like the recaps that are published on mainstream sports websites. These game recaps then become part of Divas history; we have game recaps archived on our website for all of our contests going back to our first year in 2001!

Plus, the D.C. Divas employ three gameday statisticians who track the statistics of the game. The team and individual stats for the Divas – passing, rushing, receiving, tackles, kicking, punting, and more – are all compiled by team staff and made available to the public soon after the game. If you caught one pass or made a single tackle in the game, you will be recognized in the post-game stats.

You’ve invested an enormous amount of time and energy into preparing to play a football game, and covering those games as thoroughly as we can is the least we can do. This is one of the most obvious things we do that sets us apart from the crowd.

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