WWC Participants

In 2010, the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) sponsored the first international competition of women’s football. The Women’s World Championships (WWC) featured six nations competing for a gold medal, a true world championship of women’s football.

Four D.C. Divas were chosen to participate in the 2010 IFAF Women’s World Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. Okiima Pickett, Michelle Riddle, and Donna Wilkinson were selected to play for Team USA, while Tea Törmänen suited up for Team Finland. Pickett, Riddle, and Wilkinson won gold medals with Team USA, while Törmänen earned a bronze medal representing her country.

Press release on the 2010 Team USA selections.

In 2013, the IFAF organized the second Women’s World Championships in Vantaa, Finland. Three members of the D.C. Divas played for the 2013 edition of Team USA: Callie Brownson, Donna Wilkinson, and Becky Worsham.

Brownson, Wilkinson, and Worsham all earned the gold medal with Team USA in 2013, with Wilkinson collecting her second gold medal. Tea Törmänen again played for Team Finland in 2013 and earned her second bronze medal in international competition. In addition, Becky Worsham and Tea Törmänen were chosen to the 2013 IFAF Women’s World Championships All-Star Team, the highest individual honor awarded in international women’s football.

Press release on the 2013 Team USA selections.

2013 Team USA Champions